Sasquatch Amateur Radio System: N6CRO

 The call N6CRO1 was first issued to Joe Freezon in 1979/80 he held this call until his death on 2-11-98. At some point in 2000 several Sasquatch2 were standing in the parking lot of the NWI3 after having had dinner. Chuck, WD6AML4 suggested that we get Joe's old call for the SARS System.

 Everyone agreed that this would be a great way to remember Joe. So Jim, N6DHZ5 volunteered for the job and the following Monday started the process. The first part, getting a copy of the death certificate was easy. A letter to the San luis Obispo County Recorder and $12.00 got the job done in about two weeks.

 The process stopped there for awhile (about a year) "no sense in rushing into this" Jim, N6DHZ5 said. Finally he got serious about getting the call and read all the rules, and determined the first thing we needed was a Club Call. We had to have the club call before we could ask that N6CRO1 be issued to SARS.

 Jim, N6DHZ5 got all the paperwork filled out and mailed the forms off to the FCC6 on January 19, 2001. Unbeknownst to Jim, N6DHZ5 on January 22, 2001 the FCC6 Changed the Rules for issuing club calls. After about two weeks Jim, N6DHZ5 got a letter back from the FCC6 dismissing the application of SARS for a club call.

 Due to the rules Changes the applications were no longer to be mailed to the FCC6 but were instead to be sent to one of three Club Station callsign Administrator's (CSCSA)7 and of course the form was changed, actually the information on the form8 was the same but the boxes were moved around on the page.

 Once again Jim, N6DHZ5 got all the paperwork filled our and mailed off to the ARRL9. And once again the application was dismissed. This time it was Jim, N6DHZ's5 fault. The instructions for the form were not very clear at the time and did not make it clear that the "club" had to either have a "Tax Payer Identification Number" or "TIN" in FCC6 speak. or be assigned an "Assigned Tax Payer Identification Number" or "ATIN". The instruction as written at the time made it appear that the trustee would use his/her Social Security number. This of course can't be done because this number is already assigned to the trustee's primary station license. The Instructions were subsequently rewritten, after a couple of E-mails between Jim, N6DHZ's5 and the ARRL9.

 The CSCSA7 assigned an ATIN number and resubmitted the application and SARS was finally issued the club call KG6FIF. Now that we have a club call I bet you think we can finally request the vanity call10 WRONG. We are not done with the ATIN yet.

 To request a vanity call10 you need to be registered with the FCC's6 Universal Licensing System (ULS)11. To register with the ULS11 you need your callsign (had that), your TIN/ATIN (didn't have that) so a Quick E-mail to the CSCSA7 and viola we have the ATIN and off we went to the ULS11 to request the call N6CRO1.

 What do Ya think did we succeed? Not a chance. When we tried to register with the ULS11 we were informed that KG6FIF was already register. Sounds good Huh?, Nope. Since we were already registered (by the CSCSA7) we didn't know the pass word.

 Now we had to find out how we could get the password. Well the FCC6 has a systems for this. You send them a carefully worded E-mail (you have to ask for a password with (specific wording12) with you daytime phone number and then you wait till the FCC6 calls you and gives you a temporary password.

 Finally we have the club call, the ATIN, the password and we are ready to go. Now we need to submit a "Request for License Grant Cancellation" To get Joe's license grant cancelled so we could apply for the call. We waited till this juncture to do this because the FCC6 will not hold a callsign for anyone/group. On 3-8-01 we submitted the request to the FCC6 the grant was cancelled on 3-15-01. We applied for callsign N6CRO1 the same day.

 While all this was taking place Jim, N6DHZ5 and Mike, KA6LPM13 decided to put together the SARS web site. They also decided that it would be appropriate to launch the site on April 01, 2001.

 Did you think 15 days (11 working) would be enough time for the FCC6 to grant SARS the callsign in time for the web site launch? Nope, SARS was granted the callsign N6CRO on April 03, 2001.

  1. Please visit the "In memory of Joe" page
  2. The FAQ has all the info on Sasquatch's
  3. We highly suggest you visit John, Henri & Laura at the NWI
  4. Chuck Karayan, WD6AML
  5. Jim Shryne, N6DHZ
  6. Federal Communications Commission
  7. There are three CSCSA the ARRL, W4VEC, W5YI-VEC
  8. NCVEC form 605
  9. ARRL The national association for Amateur Radio
  10. ARRL vanity call information pages
  11. FCC Universal Licensing System
  12. The FCC Version of "Boiler Plate" specific wording that is required.
  13. Mike Foster, KA6LPM