Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find more information on Sasquatch?

A. Some good information on Sasquatch's can be found at The Bigfoot Field Reasearchers Organization. For information on
"The Southern Colony" or "Southern Sasquatch" (Amplus Crinisminor Vir) you are at the right place.

Q. Where is the best place to see a "Southern Sasquatch"?

A. While the Pacific Northwest contains the highest populations of Sasquatch, in the last twenty years or so a growing colony has appeared in Southern California. This "southern Sasquatch" can frequently be seen at a local watering hole. They seem to gather at this site every 6 weeks or so for an extended period of eating and drinking.

Q. What is a typical diet of a "Southern Sasquatch"?

A. The "Southern Sasquatch" has a wide and varied diet. This is a typical menu for the "Southern Sasquatch".

Q. Where can I find a sample meal for the "Southern Sasquatch"?

A. Well, right here of course. Remember we have all thing Sasquatch at this site.

Q. What kind of things are currently threatening the Sasquatch?

A. Probably the largest threat to Sasquatch today is "Home Owners Associations". These quasi governmental, highly political associations through their CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions). These CC&Rs prevent the Sasquatch from performing their natural nesting practice of installing large antenna arrays at their dwellings. These arrays are essential in the communication of the colony.

Q. Does the "Southern Sasquatch" practice any rituals or traditions?

A. Yes, they practice many rituals, traditioons, and habits. In many instances when viewing the "Southern Sasquatch" they can be seen doing "The Sasquatch". These foot movements are closely related to "The Sasquatch Walk". Allthough we are not sure how these became related we are fairly sure that the origins of these movements started with either The Abominable Snowman or The Yeti both of which are distant relatives of the "Southern Sasquartch"

Q. How did SARS end up with the callsign N6CRO?

A. This is a good Question. It was a somewhat drawn out process and made Jim, N6DHZ an expert on vanity calls and club calls. But the story is worth reading